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Daze Trading & Contracting WLL an ISO Certified Company is the exclusive agent of Arpal Products in Doha, Qatar. We are supplying all ranges of Arpal products like Kitchen Cleaning Chemiclas, Laundry Chemicals and House Keeping Chemicals to the hospitality Industry like Star Hotels, Catering Companies and World’s largest Restaurant Chain Group etc...

  • About Arpal

    The company trades under the well known brand name of ARPAL. Our factory and head office occupy a site of some 65,000 ft2 in Selkirk, Scotland. From here we supply the UK and overseas market via a direct sales force and a distributor network which has been carefully selected and nurtured over a number of years. Recently Arpal Gulf has started manufacturing in UAE to serve better way to the clients as well as to the distributors in this region.

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Chemical Solutions

Arpal chemical is efficient, high performing products, which encompass every aspect of the kitchen, Housekeeping and Laundry operation.

When combined with the latest automated chemical dispensing technology, the proposed range of hygiene and cleaning chemicals have and will provide optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

All products are supported by a comprehensive service package, which guarantees optimal cleaning results and ensures maximum operating capacity and performance.

  • On Going Care Plan

    It will guarantee that there are no operational gaps during the contract tenure and ensure that the entire system continually provides to with outstanding results, consistency and value for money.

    On going site surveys to determine dispensing unit quantities, installation locations, availability of utilities, system compatibility analysis and verification.

    Detailed service and support structure development program.

    Chemical stock requirement, projection and logistical planning

    Demonstrations and commissioning of all systems.

    Department Head liaison, feedback and review.

    Confirmation of future activity and requirements.

  • Service Personnel

    "Our daily aim is to be seen by our customers as the outstanding provider of service in our industry"

    The aim of the department is to respond to whatever request is received within one hour of the initial call, and our database provides a complete activity history of all inbound requests and outbound services provided.

    With our team of field Technical Service Representatives (TSRs) across the Qatar, we have developed a unique “real time” field service reporting system, enabling site visit reports, training information and engineering jobs/requests to be sent to and from clients’ premises instantly.

    The engineering department co-ordinates a team fully trained and to install and repair sophisticated electronic dosing systems for dishwashers and laundry machines. This level of cover now allows us to give a customer guarantee that all breakdowns will be covered within two hours and all new installations can be completed within 24 hours (from initial request to completion).

  • Technical Service Visits

    Documented technical visits provide preventative maintenance checks for all chemical dosing units.

    The technical visits will include.

    Inspection and calibration of all chemical dosing units.

    Replacement of any units if required.

    Stock Verification

    Check SOP

    Provide written documentation to the department head.

  • Health And Safety

    Our products and systems are designed with full health and safety standard.

    The technical visits will include.

    Closed dosing systems that eliminate exposure to chemical concentrates

    Ergonomically designed tools and equipment

    To help comply with COSHH responsibilities we have recently developed an updated Chemical Safety presentation for our distributors and end user customers. As before, the focus is on three key areas:

    Identifying hazardous products

    Helping to reduce the risk of harm to staff

    Understanding the generic Golden Rules when handling commercial cleaning detergents.

  • Staff Training

    The focus will be on implementing an effective staff-training program, which encompasses each and every aspect of the Kitchen operation.

    Our training for all respective staff will consist of practical on site training and classroom sessions. Both sessions are of a different content but designed to guarantee that all attendees fully understand each aspect of the job.

    Introduction to the chemicals and dosing systems

    Health and Safety and First Aid procedures

    Safe chemical Handling and safety

    Proper Cleaning and Sanitation

    Ware washing & Dishwashing Procedure

    Personal Hygiene

    Food safety etc...

  • Service And Support Structure

    The Arpal representative will conduct all necessary system checks and will ensure that the systems are performing to the required operating standards.

    The scope of work will include the following:

    Providing practical cleaning techniques

    SOP Development

    Dosing unit and systems calibrations

    Trouble shooting and recommendations

    Safe chemical handling and usage checks, On site chemical Heath & Safety practices

    Wash water analysis

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